More Texas Heat Radiators!

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More Texas Heat Radiators!

Postby MattVAS » Thu Sep 28, 2017 3:09 pm

Many people have asked us to make more Texas Heat Radiators to fit early model cars. So we're hear to let know first.

The Texas Heat Radiators for Fiat Spider 124s (years 1968-78) are all done. There is a oddity exception in 1974 where some 1592cc engine have an odd-ball sized radiator.

This unit fits 1800cc models (SKU 11-2328)

This unit fits 1438/1608cc models (SKU 11-2324)

Both of these new units can old either your old fan OR a new aftermarket fans. You can even install an enormous 14" fan.

This is a photo of the very small unit for 1438/1608cc engines with a 14" fan on it.

And for anyone that runs dual Italian models.
We also made one for the Alfa Romeo Spider (SKU 11-2888)
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