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Postby NGK » Mon Feb 12, 2018 12:55 am

I recently purchased a 79 spider 2000 it wasn't starting to begin with fixed that and it was running perfect but then out of the blue it won't turn off I can turn the key to off and pull it out and it will keep running and I can still drive it the only differnece is turns of all my eltrical stuf such as gas pump and other things like that. I've been turning it off by pulling the plug from the starter to coil but I really want to get it fixed this is getting really frustrating.

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Re: Ignition

Postby RRoller123 » Mon Feb 12, 2018 6:36 am

Ignition switch is likely pooched! Lots of threads about this here, some rebuild the original switch because it is higher quality than the available after-market Russian Lada switch. The wiring on the Russian switch is a little different, but just in where you plug on the terminals.

I had the "dreaded click of death" (the opposite problem of yours), traced it to the first downstream connector, but eventually my ignition switch again started the same problem. Replaced it with the Russian one from one of our vendors (AR is excellent in my personal opinion).

I think the kerfuffle regarding the Russian switch is probably somewhat overblown, (endless discussion here about it) mine has been installed for about a year completely trouble free, and most of them will likely last for many, many years, certainly in hobby car frequency of use.

Replacing the switch is a little odd, it is held in by a locking mechanism that is not intuitive. Remove the wires on back, remove the 2 tiny locking screws on either side, then you have to turn the key and push in on the side of the switch barrel, to disengage the lock in the ignition switch holder, and pull it straight out the front. There is a page in the manual that describes this, but I have not scanned it yet. Maybe someone else has.

Here is a diagram of the Russian switch wiring. Others may chime in with more info as well, of course. The right side wire colors are what is in my 80, original to the best of my knowledge.

Another suggestion is, when swapping a new switch, connect the wires directly and eliminate C31, it is there only for convenience, and adds nothing but another potential failure point to the system. I put them together individually with cleaned FastOns and shrink wrap to hold it all in place.


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Re: Ignition

Postby spider2081 » Mon Feb 12, 2018 8:32 am

The original ignition switch was manufactured by Sipea and the name will appear stamped in the shinny cover where you insert the key. The Lada replacement switch will have Roman numerals stamped into the shinny cover identifying the switch positions. If you have a Lada switch it should be connected per RRoller's diagram.

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Re: Ignition

Postby baltobernie » Tue Feb 13, 2018 11:47 am

IAP video detailing switch removal is still available on YouTube:

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